NBA goes Marvel

Posted: October 24, 2010 by bottomfeedz in PIECE OF MIND

If there’s one thing that ESPN is good at, its doing dumb things that no one cares about (“Whose Now” immediately comes to mind).  Usually they do these things in slow sports months, like February.  However, in one of the busiest sports months, ESPN The Magazine gives us a bunch of gimmicky Marvel comics NBA basketball covers.  I have nothing against Marvel comics; Captain America is cool, but LeBron James as Captain America is not cool.  Besides, he’s more like Captain Looking for the Easy Way to Win, which is the antithesis of what America stands for….but I’m rambling.

What they should have done is try to find Marvel Superheroes that actually fit the teams or players they are being portrayed as/with.  Here is one of the pictures of the Knicks.  We have Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thing, and others.  What do all of the Superheroes in this picture have in common?  They are all WINNERS.  This is the problem, the Knicks are obviously not winners.  Not even close.  If Marvel or ESPN had any integrity, they would’ve portrayed the Knicks as the Morlocks.  The Morlocks are ugly, hide underground because of shame, and are complete and utter losers.  They are everything that the Knicks are.  They are such losers that they all were almost single handedly killed by some dude with little more than explosive playing cards.  This would’ve been perfect, and would’ve added a lot of integrity to these sports magazine covers.  Instead they just ignore that the Knicks suck.  This offends me, not as a basketball fan, cause I’m not not, but as a Wolverine fan.  No way that guy would be seen with a Knicks player.  Besides, everyone knows that Wolverine roots for the Toronto Raptors.

  1. Rachel says:

    Awesome how LeBron has a totally apathetic look on his face. It fits so perfectly with the overall wrongness.

  2. Romudeth says:

    The Avengers wouldn’t hang out with losers like the Knicks. FAIL!

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