Video game developers continue to release buggy games. When will the madness end?

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

Fallout: New Vegas is out and the reviews are universal…IT’S BUGGY AS HELL! Fallout 3 was also a bug filled mess and there are many other games out there with the same problem. Developers ship out these under cooked games with the mindset of “we’ll patch it later”. This is unacceptable.

I think this has to do with the fact that these days the video game industry is dominated by western developers. Most of these developers began their careers working on pc games where you could ship a game with bugs and then release a patch later to fix it. Since modern day consoles are connected to the internet and have internal hard drives it is easy to release patches for games. Releasing a patch to a game is fine if it is for a legitimate oversight but when you know your game is buggy and you still ship it because you can fix it later that is wrong.

The demand for games to be out on a specific date is greater than ever and I understand that the developers are under tremendous pressure from their publishers and stock holders to get the games out on a specific date. This is the reality of working for a business but in the process the fans get short changed. It feels more and more like the games that we buy at stores are betas and we are the ones who do the play testing to find out what bugs there are so they can be fixed later. Again, this is wrong.

Japanese developed games on the other hand do not seem to have this problem. Japanese developers have mostly worked on consoles their entire careers so the mentality of “we’ll patch it later” was never part of the equation. Since their games were going to be on a some sort of physical media with no possibility that errors could be fixed down the line, they had to be extremely sure that the final game that was released ran as good as it possibly could. People give the Japanese a lot of guff for lack of innovation in their titles but if you buy a Japanese developed game that bad boy is going to work! To be completely honest I cannot even name a Japanese game that I’ve played recently or in my life that had a game breaking glitch. I’m sure there must be some out there but they are not as numerous as western developed games. The Japanese are a very meticulous people and it shows with how well their games run.

The only solution I see is if fans finally stop bending over for companies who put out shoddy products. If we stop buying games from developers who are known to put out glitchy and buggy games then perhaps they will get the message and put more effort into making sure their games run without problems. If a gamer has to save their game every five minutes for fear of losing their progress because of glitches then there is something seriously wrong with that game.


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