A time traveler caught on film?

Posted: October 28, 2010 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

I was watching “America live with Megyn Kelly” today and (the insanely gorgeous) Megyn had a story about footage found in a Charlie Chaplin movie from 1928 where it appears that a woman is speaking into a cell phone. This apparently has the internet buzzing with people saying that this is proof that time travel exists.

Time travel, or the ability to travel through time is something that would not break the rules of physics according to the theory of general relativity. Time is seen as another dimension so it is theoretically possible to travel through time in the same way we travel through our own dimension. Travelling to the future is an actual possibility because of time dilation. If one were to go to another solar system and return they would find that thousands of years have passed on Earth even though it may have been only a few years for them. Time travel to the past is something scientists are still trying to wrap their heads around and only exists in the realm of fiction and science fiction.

One theory suggests that the only way to travel into the past would be that you could only travel as far back as when the time machine was built. This of course would not allow anyone to travel as far back as 1928. However if time is indeed another dimension then there is no reason why one could not travel as far back as possible.

This story is interesting but I cannot say whether this is an actual time traveler or just a funny thing the director of the film put in there. If this woman is talking on a cell phone how is she getting a signal? Cell phones require transmitter towers and satellites to work properly after all. Did she and whoever else came back in time with her bring these as well? Perhaps in the future, communication technology will get to a point where towers and satellites are not needed. If this woman is a time traveler it must not be from too far into the future because she is still using something akin to a cell phone and not some other device that is hands free and is embedded into her brain.

If time travel to the past is possible and it’s possible to travel to points before the time machine was invented then it is reasonable to assume that time travelers have been to the past and are with us now. I wonder what kind of laws they have to prevent creating time paradoxes. Perhaps there is no such thing as time paradoxes and time travelers can do whatever they want because all of their actions have already happened and are part of the regular timeline.

Check out the footage and decide for yourselves.

Here is the great Michio Kaku explaining time travel.


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