Awesome Mass Effect 2 rumor [update].

Posted: November 6, 2010 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

So apparently, the PS3 version of Mass effect 2 will not only come with all of the dlc that was released on the Xbox 360 and an all new 6 hour long mission but it will also come with an interactive comic book by Dark Horse comics that tells the story of Mass effect 1.

The key word for me is “interactive”.

One of the problems with Mass effect 2 being the first Mass effect game to come out on the PS3 is that the decisions you made in the first game would obviously not carry over. You’d be stuck playing a pre-determined story. An interactive comic that tells you the story of Mass effect 1 and allows you to make decisions that carry over to Mass effect 2 would solve this problem.

This is all a rumor at the moment but then again, Mass effect 2 coming to the PS3 was also a rumor and look how that turned out. Mass effect 1 is easily one of the best games of this generation and I would love to continue the story with Mass Effect 2 but also have my decisions from Mass effect 1 carry over. I can’t afford an Xbox 360 at the moment and I don’t want to borrow my friend’s console again just to play Mass effect 2 with my decisions from Mass effect 1. If this rumor pans out I will be one happy costumer. I’m going to stay on top of this story to see how it pans out.

The source is in German so make sure to have a translation program ready if you aren’t fluent in the language of Deutschland.


It has been confirmed that at least the interactive comic part of the story is correct! Freakin’ SWEET! Bioware you ROCK!!!


Here is the PS3 announcement trailer to wet your appetite:


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