The Uncharted movie may be ruined before it even begins to film

Posted: November 12, 2010 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

It’s a scientific fact that movies based off of video games suck. They usually take what’s in the game and make it all types of wrong. Well if the rumors for the Uncharted movie are to be believed then we may be on the verge of the worst adaptation ever. And yes, I do know of the existence of Uwe Boll and his films. is reporting that director David O. Russell is planning to have Robert De niro, Joe Pesci and Mr funky bunch himself, Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg in an adaptation of Uncharted. Now don’t get me wrong, De niro and Pesci are easily two of the best actors in history. Their mob movies are all time classics but they do not belong as stars in an Uncharted film. They’d steal the entire movie and take the focus away from Nathan. And (sorry to diverge a bit) but who decided to let Marky Mark be such a super star anyway? The guy is a terrible actor. He needs to go back to rapping and leave acting to the professionals. Yeah, he’s a terrible rapper too but I don’t listen to rap so it would be easier to avoid him that way.

The Uncharted movie will supposedly take place in New York City and be about antiques dealers. Excuse me for using leet speak but WTF? According to the article, the script is being worked on from scratch because the original game had no story and it was just a concept and a name.


Both Uncharted: Drake’s fortune and especially Uncharted 2: Among thieves had what I would call movie ready stories. They were essentially video game versions of the Indiana Jones movies. How can they say the games have no story? These Hollywood people have no clue whatsoever and it’s disgusting.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even care about the state of any movie game but with Uncharted I have to. Uncharted 2 is easily the best game of this current generation of consoles and is my personal #2 game of all time (#1 goes to the brilliant, fantastic, amazing, I ran out of adjectives because it’s so good, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). Excuse me for getting graphic but they are metaphorically taking the Uncharted franchise and defecating all over it.

Great job Hollywood. You’ve pushed back the possibility of a good video game adaptation back another 10 years. Sony should take this project away from Russel IMMEDIATELY and start from scratch with a director who knows what the hell they’re doing.


  1. Stef says:

    I hope they’re nothing more than rumours because you’re right, at the moment it’s a disgrace that such a gaming gem is going to be associated with what sounds like complete Hollywood trash, even if it is only by name. Again, if it’s real, Sony really needs to step in here and sort out the whole mess. I’ll settle for no less than Nathan Fillion and a script much closer to original source material.

  2. Orionsaint says:

    This is another example of Hollywood elite’s belittling Video Games. Oh it’s just a silly Video Game. It’s nonsense. That became popular because you can shoot things. We know how to write a real movie and we know what gamers want. F U HOLLYWOOD!!!

  3. ColinZeal says:

    Who the F is Dinero?!?!

  4. joe says:

    Yea, but Mark Wahlberg and Robert De Niro are gonna be in it. So it can’t be tooooo bad.

  5. Romudeth says:

    Ok I edited the article so it says De Niro now. I guess I was so mad that I forgot to spell check.

  6. Tom Ato says:

    There’s no way Sony would let them get away with re – writing the script for the movie adaptation, that would be a complete embarassment to the Uncharted franchise which, like you said, is easily the best franchise of this generation. Nothing else even comes close to it.

    Sony and Naughty Dog know how important the Uncharted games are to the fans and to the industry as a whole, they’re not going to let some talentless hack butcher the story. The quality of writing in games like Uncharted 2, MGS4, Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy XIII completely blows away anything that’s ever come out of Hollywood.

    • Romudeth says:

      I totally agree. Hopefully this story just stays as a rumor because if it comes true it may damage the Uncharted franchise. With any luck the same thing that happened to the Halo movie will happen here and it will just die before even getting off the ground.

  7. ron hayter says:

    New York city!?. They clearly do not know what the word UNCHARTED means.

  8. Kcat10 says:

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  9. wil says:

    Nathan Fillon is the perfect choice for Nathan Drake

  10. Fiv35 says:


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