Dragon ball Z: Raging blast 2 review

Posted: November 23, 2010 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

It has been said that Dragon Ball Z is the undead cash cow of the gaming industry. As an avid gamer I’m inclined to agree. However as a DBZ fan I can’t help craving another glass of that sweet, sweet milk. Dragon Ball Z: Raging blast 2 (DBZRB2) is actually the third DBZ game to grace the nex-gen systems. The tendency of the DBZ games is to get marginally better with each instillation. Does this one measure up?

Graphics – The first DBZ game for next gen consoles was Burst limit. This game has superior graphics to Raging blast 1. I’m happy to say that the graphics to RB2 are superior to even Burst limit. The shading adds new depth to the characters. Color me impressed 9 of 10

Sound – This game like it’s predecessor has both the American and the Japanese vocal cast for the true DBZ lover in you. However aside from a few tracks most of the music is fairly drab. 7 of 10

Controls – Not for the faint of heart. The sheer complexity of the scheme was either created by a genius or a madman. At first glance all characters may seem the same but many hours of playing will bring out the true variety of each. NOTE: Button jamming will not get you very far in this fighter. 8 of 10

Replayability – There are a multitude of character customizable items and pictures to unlock. Easily over 80 hours of play time. 9 of 10

The above score is 8.25. Objectively this sounds like a good game. Keep reading for the DBZ fan review

Graphics – The backgrounds lack any real detail and are no longer destructible.   4 of 10

Sound – The original cast and sound effects are here but where is the original music? 6 of 10

Controls – Even though the cast for this game is over 40 characters there’s only really 7 archetypes and each one has an infinite combo. The spamfest continues…. 5 of 10

Replayability – Tons of unlockables but there’s no story mode. It’s just a series of random battles and then the credits randomly play. 6 of 10

The DBZ fan in me gives this game a  5.25. Combined with the objective score this game gets a 6.75 of 10

Is this game an improvement over RB? I would have to say no. Yes it has a superior cast and yes it has eliminated some gameplay issues but the core fighting scheme still suffers from the same issue of SPAM. It’s simply too easy to keep an opponent stunned. The new customization system is better balanced but far less creative than RB. There are more arenas but they are smaller than previous games and are not affected by massive explosions. An extremely massive cast is presented however pointless characters are featured such as Cui & Nail but not Kaoshin & come on where’s Mr. Satan (Hercule)? In short this game is equal to its predecessor. If you’re looking for deep gameplay look somewhere else.


  1. Andal says:

    super gogeta 4 should be the coolest character of the game as he is the strongest and has a amazing look

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