More PS3 Mass effect 2 news + footage!

Posted: December 16, 2010 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

It’s gone gold baby! The PS3 version of the hit (and X-play 2010 game of the year) Mass effect 2 is nearly upon us. Along with this bit of excellent news we get to finally see how Mass Effect 2 actually looks on the PS3.


It kicks the crap out of the Xbox 360 version.


In a recent podcast, producer of the PS3 Mass effect 2, Jesse Houston disclosed some new information. The most important point is that the PS3 version of Mass effect 2 is actually running off of the same engine that Mass effect 3 will run off of. In a way you can say that the PS3 version of Mass effect 2 is a glimpse of what to expect Mass effect 3 to look like. Jesse said that his team’s goal for the PS3 Mass effect 2 was to make it look as good or better than the Xbox 360 version. They have made it look better by miles in my opinion.

Houston also said that they used fan feedback to learn what things needed to be tweaked to make the PS3 Mass effect 2 the ultimate version of the game. The hacking mini games have either been cut out or limited, the planet scanning has been improved (no details on how they’ve been improved), and all of the recent patches have been integrated into the game. The controls have been configured to fit the PS3 Dualshock 3 controller better but you can set them up like they are in the 360 version if you want.

As has been reported before, the game will come with what is being called an “interactive backstory comic”. Since Microsoft owns the rights to the first Mass effect, it cannot come out on the PS3 so this is a clever way to not only help players who’ve never played the first game catch up on the story but to have the decisions you make carry over and affect the world of Mass effect 2. Big decisions such as whether you kill Wrex or who you send to their death on planet Virmire will be presented in this interactive comic. Nothing was said about some of the smaller decisions you can make but as long as we can chose the big time courses of action then it’ll be alright.

Mass effect 2 will come out for the Playstation 3 on January 18th in North America and January 21st in Europe.

Check out the really short but sweet podcast interview with producer Jesse Houston here.

And one last surprise, footage of Mass effect 2 running on a PS3 as well as some comparison shots between the 360 and PS3 versions. Props to for posting this awesome footage.


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