Mass effect 2 demo impressions (PS3)

Posted: December 22, 2010 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

Even though it’s not the full game, Mass effect 2 has arrived on the Playstation 3 in the form of a demo. The demo, which you can download now from the Playstation network store, only has three missions but they give you a good idea of what to expect when Mass effect 2 comes out in January.

The first part of the demo is actually the opening sequence of Mass effect 2. After the introduction you can either use the standard Shepard character model (for male and female Shepard) or make your own. I was trying to make John Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis but I couldn’t really get him to look right. I don’t know if it’s just me but most custom Shepards that people make almost always end up looking like horrible mutants and mine was no exception. For the full game I’ll stick to the standard Shepard and spare myself the pain of looking at my inhuman creation.

The game runs like a beauty on the PS3. It looks incredible and controls smoothly. I will admit that I am not a fan of the Xbox 360 controller and I felt more comfortable playing a Mass effect game with the PS3’s Dualshock controller. Like usual PS3 shooters, the aim and fire buttons are mapped to L1 (aim) and R1 (fire). You can switch the controls to the way they are on the 360 if you want but it seems that this is the configuration that most PS3 fans like so it was made the default control scheme. Fine by me.

The demo is surprisingly long. I played for about an hour and a half. Apart from the introductory part of the game, you can also play a section that takes place later on in the story. This section is pretty combat heavy and is a great place to try out a small amount of abilities and weapons that you will use in the actual game. The dialogue wheel is present as well and even though it’s a demo, some of the choices you make will have different outcomes so you may want to replay a few times to fiddle around the variables. You can hack into locked doors by doing hacking mini games. I know that these mini games have been streamlined for the PS3 version but since I have not played the original Mass effect 2, I can’t say how they have been streamlined. The dreaded mining missions that everyone hates are not on this demo. I guess I’ll wait to play the full game to see why these parts are so maligned.

So overall I am very impressed with this demo. Playstation 3 fans are in for a great gaming experience when Mass effect 2 comes out January 18th.


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