Hackers are the scum of the gaming industry

Posted: January 7, 2011 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

The biggest news story of this week was about how after many years of trying, hackers have finally cracked the Playstation 3’s security. At first I didn’t really care about this since I will not be using these hacks. However after reading the BBC’s version of the story, or more specifically, the comments made by the people who hacked the PS3, I felt motivated to chime in on this subject.

The thing that got me angry was the attitude that the hackers have. They act as if what they do is not only perfectly fine but that it’s good for the gaming community. They claim that their intentions for hacking aren’t about piracy but about giving people the ability to make their own games on whatever system they own. Homebrew games as they like to call them. Now I’m not a programmer or even very tech savy. I don’t know if there is a big homebrew community out there or not. To me this sounds like a load of BS. These hackers don’t care about making things easier for programmers who want to make their own games…they want people to pirate games. They can say otherwise but anyone with common sense knows the real intention of these people.

I would actually be fine with these hackers if they admitted that what they do is criminal and that they do it for kicks and to impress their geek friends. Instead they want us to believe that what they do is not only good for gamers but for the companies whose hardware they have hacked into. You are not doing the companies any favors by destroying their security. You say you are against piracy yet these hacks allow it. I’m sorry but you guys are full of it. I personally hope that you hackers are sued and jailed for your crimes.

BBC story


I realized that “Hackers are the scum of the earth” may have been too harsh so I changed the title.

  1. pp says:

    Didn’t see u crying when xbox360 was Hacked lol.

  2. toad404 says:

    there is a huge community for homebrew just to let you know. and another thing since you admitted not knowing about something do research before you write it.

  3. cell989 says:

    but there IS a big homebrew community, just look at the PSP and Iphone. Have you ever tried using a jailbroken Iphone, or a custom firware enabled PSP? its awesome!!! Im not talking about the ability tp pirate games, Im talking about just how much better the devies are when homebrew devs implement nifty apps. Like on the PSP there is an app that allows you to take a picture of anything that your gaming on, with a simple press of a button, or in the Iphone I have “quick reply” which allows me to view and reply a text message without quitting an app Im using, and how about the ability to customize your Iphone theme and ringtones?

    The purpose of homebrew is to enable these devices top do much much more than what Apple and Sony feel is “enough”. The ability to play SNES on my PSP is just a small example of what homebrew is about. Manufacturers are either too stupid or too lazy to think of these features for THEIR own devices, that an amateur dev with zero financial support has to go out of his way to implement them.

  4. cell989 says:

    PS: I cant wait for my PS3 to run my own Spiderman custom dynamic theme

  5. Carljohnson3456 says:

    Amen brother.

  6. Romudeth says:

    Just to make things clear, I am NOT against making homebrew games or even pirating. The purpose of the article was to talk about the arrogant attitude of the hackers. What they are doing is illegal yet they talk as if they are the greatest people on earth. I don’t like that snarky attitude.

  7. You're a douche says:

    Homebrew is very important to hundreds of thousands of gamers / programmers out there.. A lot of people own carts for their DS’s n shit like that just for homebrew and not piracy. Sure it can be USED for piracy but not everyone is a piece of shit.. Get over yourself and stop crying. This is a terrible blog and a terrible attempt at anything journalistic.

  8. GaF says:

    Wow… the feedback sure does prove your point Romudeth. Totally agree with your sentiments and good for you for posting the article. The attitude of self entitlement from some people never ceases to amaze me. Opening up the ability to run pirated games is bad for the industry and bad for gamers. I’m sure there are a few people who would use the hack for “legitimate” purposes but to claim that this is not the purpose and it won’t hurt the system? Come on- try another one guys. Oh and cell989- if you are ruuning SNES games on your PSP- you are using pirated games. Wow.

  9. PP's Mum says:

    LOL, Suck – Box 360 is gay with bad graphics and no exclusive games, might as well hack into that last – gen piece of garbage.

    PS3 is a different story, PS3 is actually worth something to the gaming industry. Hackers ARE the scum of the earth and deserve the same sentence pirates used to get – a short drop and a sudden stop.

  10. here2teach says:

    Learn the difference between an hacker, cracker & pirate before displaying your ignorance for the world to see. After you learn the difference you’ll realize how pathetic this blog post is.

  11. Rick says:

    Homebrew games are a fucking joke. Only a co plete retard would waste his time programming a probably stupid game that no one will give a shit about it.

    The guy is right. The only thing behind this key break is to allow others to use illegal copies of games. That’s the truth and I hope the homebrew community to fuck themselves in the arse. Your HB games sucks btw. And I want you to know that you are a loser for making such pathetic games.

  12. sravan953 says:

    I’m not saying that I condone piracy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this site gets hacked.

  13. Fred says:

    There is no such thing as a legitimate hack, what are you all thinking, no better than all the tossers that write malware,spyware and the rest. ( Sorry but this is spelt correctly so most of you muppets won’t be able to understand it!

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