How our rating system works.

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

Starting this year, we at CoolStuffTheBlog will incorporate a rating system to things we review. We debated over whether or not to even have a rating system for a while since we do not really like them. However, we aren’t bullheaded and we recognize that having ratings is something people like if they do not want to sit and read an entire review. What we came up with is something that clearly tells you what we think yet doesn’t use the clichéd numbering system that everyone else uses. While this rating system can be used for anything, we will mostly be using this to review video games. As such, the explanations used to describe each rank will be video game centric. Here’s what each rank means.


This is pretty self explanatory. If a game is terrible then it has absolutely no redeeming qualities and should be avoided at all costs. Save your money and time and skip this. Whoever made this game should be ashamed and the only people that will like this are either insane or apologists.


This is a game that had one or two cool ideas in it but ultimately fails to live up to what it was trying to accomplish. Poor games are generally plagued by bad controls, level design and weak or confusing stories. If you can find this for less than $5 in the bargain bin then you may want to try it out but it’s not really worth it.


This is neither completely good or bad. It’s middle of the road. If you are a hardcore fan of the genre or property then you will most likely enjoy this but most people wouldn’t. This could also be given to a game that is mostly good but has too many technical problems, is unoriginal or whose story either loses steam along the way or isn’t very compelling.


A game that is for the most part very well made, offers something unique and is really enjoyable. Great games have solid controls, level designs and narrative. A great game falls just shy of our last and most coveted ranking…


Anything that gets an excellent has top notch gameplay, production, story telling, enjoyability…the works. These are the games that set standards that others will or should follow. Even if there are some minor imperfections, the overall package negates them. Anything that is given an excellent needs to be bought or tried by everyone.

In addition to the rankings, every review will also have bullet points that highlight what we either liked or disliked. The bullet points will either just sum up what we thought of the game or to point out something that we didn’t get to in the proper review.

We hope that everyone likes and understands our rating/ranking system. We still encourage everyone to read the full written reviews since we put a lot of work into them but if you do not have the time to read them, now you have a nice alternative.


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