Review: Angry birds (PSP/PS3)

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Tony Polanco in REVIEWS

Throughout a good chunk of 2010, I heard many in the gaming industry going on and on about this ipad game called Angry birds and how addicted they were to it. Now that it’s out for the PSP and the PS3 and costs only $4, I decided to see what the big deal was. And guess what…this game is pretty damn addictive and fun.

Initially, I had no idea what genre this game belonged to but fellow administrator and lifelong NY Mets fan, bottomfeedz told me that Angry birds is one of many games in the (as he described it) catapult games genre. Apparently this genre is big among people who play flash games on their personal computers. I’m a console gamer so I had no idea that this genre even existed. Angry birds was my first foray into these kind of games.

Now, why are these birds so angry? Because green pigs stole their eggs!  It sounds nuts but I guess it’s a good enough set up. You have several different types of birds, each with their own abilities, that you have to sling shot into the structures that the pigs are holding up in. The structures, which are made of wood, glass or stone, all have weak spots and aiming your birds to hit these spots is crucial to toppling them and bringing death to the pigs.

Trying to destroy the structures in one shot is not easy. After you set the trajectory of the path that the birds will take once launched, you have limited control over where they will hit. You just have to hope that you hit the building at the right spot and that physics will be on your side and topple the thing. Trying to get that angle just right and getting the highest score is really addictive. On my first playthrough I played for about an hour and didn’t realize that so much time had passed.

The developers could’ve designed a handful of levels and just made slight changes to them as the game advances. It’s very easy for a game with such a simple premise to quickly become redundant. However, even deep into the game, you will still discover new birds and level designs, which really helps to keep things interesting.

If you haven’t already played this game for your mobile device or just want to play it on a PSP or PS3 then I highly recommend that everyone pick up Angry birds. The gameplay is easy to learn and you’ll spend hours trying to get those perfect shots that will net you the highest scores. Also the sounds that the birds and pigs make are absolutely hilarious and make the overall experience that much more enjoyable.


  • Addictive and fun
  • Simple to pick up and play
  • The birds and pigs make funny sounds and faces


  • Sometimes the frame rate drops
  • It doesn’t look as good when running on the PS3

Angry birds was developed by Rovio Mobile ltd and Chilingo ltd and published by Electronic arts entertainment. It was released on the Playstation network and is available now for $3.99 as part of the MiniS collection of PSP games. The copy played for this review was a digital copy that was bought from the Playstation network.


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