Full Captain America costume revealed

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

We’ve seen glimpses of the costume that old winghead will sport in the new Captain America flick before but now we get to see a full version of it.

Speaking of winghead…the costume has wings on the helmet! To be honest I didn’t really miss the wings but it’s nice that they are there. Unlike the new costume that Spider-man will don, this costume not only resembles Cap’s costume (from the Ultimates series) but it looks really cool too. I don’t know who those gimps in the background are supposed to be though. I’d like to say that they are from either Hydra or A.I.M but since the costumes are black it’s hard to tell.

I really hope this movie turns out good. Captain America has had some terrible movies before and it would be nice if he finally got a decent one. The fact that Chris Evans, who played Johnny Storm (a.k.a The Human Torch) in the “would have completely sucked if it wasn’t for Jessica Alba being in tights” Fantastic Four movies is a cause for concern. Not only is he not a very good actor but he doesn’t have that commanding presence that Captain America should have. But I will put my fears aside for now and see what happens.

Captain America: The first Avenger will be released in movie theaters on July 22nd of this year


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