Catwoman & Bane will be in “The Dark Knight rises”

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

It turns out that both Catwoman and Bane will be the villains of the next Chris Nolan helmed Batman movie “The Dark Knight rises”. Bane will be played by Tom Hardy who was also in Nolan’s “Inception” and Catwoman will be played by Anne Hathaway.

I kind of suspected that Catwoman would be in the next Batman flick but Bane? If anyone remembers the god awful “Batman & Robin” movie then you know why this would make any geek nervous. But he will be played by a good actor and this is a Chris Nolan movie we’re talking about here so I’m sure things will be just fine. No word on what their costumes or outfits will look like but I suspect (given the last two Batman movies) that whatever the villains wear will be more realistic and not as over the top as their comic book counter parts.

Pretty interesting stuff. I think that I can speak for pretty much every heterosexual male on the planet when I say that we are very much looking forward to seeing Hathaway in a tight black outfit.



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