The craziest movie trailer ever!

Posted: January 20, 2011 by E-mann in COOL STUFF

In a world where every movie is an adaptation, remake or sequel it’s nice to actually get something original. Meet Robert the telekinetic killer tire from the upcoming film “Rubber”. That’s right you read that last sentence correctly…a telekinetic killer tire.

It’s a rare thing, but every so often a trailer comes along for a movie that is  so crazy, so bizarre, that you think that it can’t be for real. “Rubber”, directed by, Quentin Dupieux, tells the story of Robert, a tire who was abandoned in the desert. One day Robert springs to life and finds that he had developed telekinetic powers. With his new found powers he goes on a killing spree.

The film will be released April 1st. Check out this insane trailer.


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