R.I.P. Wizard magazine

Posted: January 25, 2011 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

The internet has claimed another victim in the print press. Wizard magazine, which was essentially the nerd’s bible back in the 1990s has sadly stopped publication as of today.

Although Wizard has been around for nearly twenty years, their “golden age” was definitely the early 90s during the big comic book boom. The magazine had the prices of nearly every comic book ever published, so if you wanted to know how much you should get for the books you have bought, Wizard was essentially your geek Wall Street journal. Besides listing comic book prices, Wizard also covered the big comic book and geek culture news of the day. This was a time before the internet existed so Wizard handled all of the interviews, previews and rumors for anything nerdy.

While I have not picked up a Wizard magazine in over ten years, it’s sad to see something that I loved when I was a kid go away. Rest in peace, Wizard magazine. You may be gone but I will remember you as the magazine that made all of that geeky stuff I liked (and still like) seem cool and relevant.



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