Behold the new PSP…The NGP!

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

I want to give everyone a head’s up before I get into this. Fellow contributor and honorary BPRD agent, E-Mann was originally supposed to give his thoughts on this subject. He got caught up with work so I decided to post about this because if I didn’t, by the time E-Mann would have posted, the story would be irrelevant.

And here we go…

Rumors of the follow up to Sony’s highly successful Playstation portable (64 million sold worldwide) have been running rampant more than usual lately. The reason we did not post anything about it like everyone else did is that…well…we don’t comment on rumors. Well now we can mouth off because the new PSP is a reality.

Dubbed the NGP (Next Generation Portable), Sony’s latest portable device is pretty impressive. I’m not a tech guy so I’ll focus on the gaming side of this machine. It’s supposedly going to be almost as powerful as a Playstation 3 and will have games from some of Sony’s biggest franchises such as Killzone, Wipeout, Littlebigplanet, Resistance and Uncharted. Other big franchises like Call of duty and Metal Gear Solid will also make their presence felt on the device.

So it seems like this thing will be a monster of a handheld gaming device like the PSP was. No word on prices or release date but I’m going to have to assume that it will cost a pretty penny indeed.

Here are some links that will provide more info than I was able to.

Playstation blog

Kotaku’s extensive coverage


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