The Thundercats are returning!

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

How’d I miss this? I knew that there were talks for a Thundercats live action movie *shudders* but I had no idea that a new animated series was in the works. If this remake turns out to be anything like the Masters of the Universe remake from the early 2000s then it should be pretty awesome.

This new Thundercats cartoon will be broadcast on the cartoon network and will be produced by the incredible Studio4°C from Japan. I used to love the Thundercats when I was a boy and was horrified at just how bad the show actually was when I saw it again as a teenager. This new show can’t really be worse than the original so I’m definitely interested as it can only be an improvement.

Oh and before I close this off, I mentioned that this has actually been in the works for a while now. Here are some other previously released images.

The brand spanking new Thundercats animated series will air on cartoon network sometime this year. Thundercats! HO!


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