The voice of Albert Wesker

Posted: February 23, 2011 by E-mann in COOL STUFF

When you hear the name D.C. Douglas not much comes to mind.  That is unless you are familiar with what he does for  a living.  D.C. Douglas is a voice actor who is mostly known for his role as the voice of Albert Wesker, the main antagonist in Resident Evil 5.

Douglas has become taken with fans of the Resident evil series and has done some hilarious YouTube videos as Wesker for them.  Recently, Douglas held a competition where fans could suggest lines for Wesker to say for Cell phone voice mail messages. You can check those out here.

And here are two of his videos from YouTube:

  1. AntonCheckers says:

    Actually, DC Douglas has been in a lot of TV shows and films. He is also known for being Legion in Mass Effect 2!

    Those vids are awesome!

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