If Linda Carter were dead she’d be rolling in her grave right now.

Posted: March 18, 2011 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

Things have not been good for Diana Prince lately.  First she got a really corny redesigned costume in the comic books and now this.  NBC’s “Wonder Woman” is set to air soon with actress Adrianne Palicki playing the buxom Amazon.  But if this latest picture of Adrianne as Wonder Woman is an indicator of the quality of the show then I guess NBC is set to have it’s third super hero flop (Heroes, The Cape).

Let’s be frank here, we’ve seen better Wonder Woman cosplay.  And this is supposed to have been designed by a multi-million dollar movie studio?  Pathetic.  It looks like they bought a cheap Wonder Woman costume from a Halloween store and put on some fake leather pants to give it a more “modern” take.  If Wonder Woman was played by an ugly actress then it wouldn’t be so bad but Adrianne is a stunning woman.  She’s being forced to wear this?


Hollywood you’ve done it again.



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