Resident evil 4 & Code Veronica HD coming to PSN & XBL!

Posted: March 24, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

Rumors of HD re-releases of two Resident evil games, Code Veronica and Resident evil 4 ran rampant yesterday.  Why no posts about it?  As fans of our site know, we don’t post rumors.  Well today Capcom has officially confirmed that the world will indeed get HD remakes of these two classics.

I’m curious to see how the games will stand up gameplay wise after all of this time.  I’m not too worried about Resident evil 4, which by the way is in my opinion the most influential third person shooter of this current generation. Resident evil 5’s controls were almost exactly the same as the controls of Resident evil 4 and that controlled fine so I don’t really see a problem with playing this again.  Code Veronica was a great game when it came out but I’m not sure if it will be easy to go back to those “tank” controls.

Both games will be the complete versions with all of the extra bells and whistles that have been added to them in various re-releases.  Prepare to be scared witless when Resident evil 4 and Resident evil: Code Veronica come out on the Playstation network and Xbox live this fall.



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