Mass effect & Dragon Age animes on their way!

Posted: April 7, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

There have been rumors of a Mass effect film for some time now. While the Mass effect universe is easily one of the most enthralling of this current generation, one would naturally be cautiously optimistic about a movie based on Mass effect given the history of video game movies. Today we get news that a Mass effect film will indeed be produced but be an anime and not live action. Bioware has teamed up with Tokyo’s T.O. entertainment to make the film. Animes based on video games are usually more in tune with the vibe of the video games so this is definitely a win for the gaming and anime communities.

Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass effect series had this to say about the upcoming project:

“Over the last few years, we have revealed different pieces of the Mass Effect world through different media. Extending the story through an anime medium is another amazing opportunity for us. Partnering with FUNimation ensures that we will bring this rich universe to life with the utmost quality and the same attention to detail that the Mass Effect games are known for.”

Gen Fukunaga, President & CEO of FUNimation had this to say about not only the Mass effect project but also the Dragon Age one:

“It is thanks to the enormous and passionate Mass Effect fan base that this movie is made possible. With production underway on the Dragon Age video, we are excited to team up with another BioWare team to add an exciting new chapter to this vast sci-fi world.”

This is all pretty exciting stuff indeed. The Dragon Age movie will be released sometime this year and the Mass effect one should be out on DVD and Blu-ray by the summer of 2012. Prepare for awesomeness!



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