Darksiders 2 officially unveiled! Step aside War…it’s time for Death!

Posted: June 1, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

The original Darksiders was one of the more pleasant under the radar games of 2011. Well, that isn’t technically correct from my view point. It’s true that the game wasn’t really on anyone’s eyesights, it was definitely on mine since it was announced all those years ago. Darksiders had art design by the incredible comic book artist Joe Madureira and was an action adventure game in the same vein as God of War and especially the Soul Reaver series. Unlike most games, the sequel to Darksiders was announced rather quickly after it was launched. Well today we finally get to see Darksiders 2 not only officially announced but we are introduced to the new protagonist. Read on for more info.

In the original Darksiders, humanity was rendered extinct after a premature Armageddon happened. War, one of the famed Horsemen of the Apocalypse was blamed and he spent the majority of the game trying to clear his name and kill those who framed and betrayed him. During the final moments of Darksiders we got to briefly glimpse War’s three Horsemen brethren arrive on Earth and it is one of these brothers whom you will play as in Darksiders 2.

Darksiders 2’s main character is Death. Ironically enough, Death’s main goal in the new game is to bring humanity back from the dead. Death will wield two scythes as his main weapons and will explore new sections of the world and encounter new characters that will help or hinder him.

You can find out more info about Darksiders 2 in the July issue of Game informer which should be out next week.



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