Konami Pre E3 Press Conference 2011 impressions.

Posted: June 3, 2011 by E-mann in REVIEWS

In a bit of an odd move Konami decided to do a pre recorded press conference before E3. According to Konami this press conference will be annual and they want to make it available to fans around the world in multiple languages. Our break down is just a collection of the highlight of the conference. What do the boys at Konami have in store for us in the coming future? Read on to find out.

First we have Metal Gear Solid 3DS: Snake Eater. MGS3 is probably one of the big favorites here at Cool Stuff and it’s great to have an awesome update of the game. According to the director the 3DS remake will take advantage and showcase all that the 3DS hardware has to offer. For instance by using the 3DS camera you can take a picture of something and create a camouflage pattern for blending into environments. You will also be able to uses the internal gyro for balance. If you turn too far in one direction or another you will fall off of tress or bridges. This feature is somewhat like the way the 6 axis controls used in a lot of first gen Playstation 3 games. Hopefully it won’t be as annoying. Unfortunately the trailer for the game was a bit disappointing. From what I could see the game looks as good as it originally did, that’s not a bad thing but when you compare it to the short tech demos created to show off the 3DS it is a little misleading.

Next we have Never Dead. Never Dead looks to be shaping up pretty well. From the trailer the game looks to be an over the top action title along the lines of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m excited about this title and I don’t see what the big deal is of having an immortal main character. However that can change in the months to come. Despite my lack of initial enthusiasm for this game I am excited that Megadeth did a song for it and I can’t wait to hear the song in its entirety.

Next we have Silent Hill. There will be a Silent Hill HD collection. The collection consist of Silent Hill 2 and 3. No release date was given. There will also be an exclusive for Sony NGP called Silent hill book of memories.

The Silent Hill portion of the conference concluded with a new trailer for Silent Hill: Down pour. To me the game doesn’t really look like a Silent Hill game and instead kind of looks more like Alan Wake, which is kind of odd because Alan Wake was sort of inspired by Silent Hill.

Lastly we have what I think is the meat and potatoes of the show, Kojima productions. First off there will be a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will include Metal gear solid 2, 3 and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The collection will also be on Xbox 360 and will hit stores sometime in November.

In addition to Metal Gear Solid HD Collection there will be a Zone of Enders collection in 2012 which will be multi console as well.

Kojima also unveiled something called “Transfarring”. Transfarring is essentially a program that will allow you to transfer your Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker data from your PS3 to your PSP and back, which will allow you to take your game anywhere and play. Kojima also mentioned that this system will be in place when the NGP is released and will allow to do the same with MGS2 and 3. Kojima added that he sees this system being in place for all future titles. As of now Transfarring is a Playstation excusive.

Kojima also unveiled a new game engine called “Fox Engine” The Fox Engine will be the new engine that will be used for an as yet unnamed Kojima title. The Fox Engine will be the new studio game engine and will allow for easy future multi console development. The engine from the tech demo they had running looked pretty and really gives you a sense as to what future Kojima production games will look like.

Unfortunately next to nothing was said about Metal Gear Solid: Rising other than it would be released sometime in 2012. Some nice concept art of the game was shown but considering that it’s been a year since we saw a trailer at last year’s E3 this was a bit disappointing.

When Kojima’s section was over I was left with so many questions. But I guess with all things having to do with Kojima you just have to wait and see. He’ll eventually announce when he will answer questions.

All and all the Konami pre E3 press conference was a little dry but once Kojima came in the show took a turn for the awesome. Personally I feel that Kojima could have had his own press conference and Konami could have just revealed all that other stuff at E3 proper.

  1. I guess I was pretty happy with their press conference. The HD collections are nice even though it is mostly what they had to announce. Neverdead doesn’t appeal to me that much; just can’t get into those types of Japanese shooters.

    Oh, and I’m loving how the internet has completely made fun of the name Transfarring. It is pretty dumb though.

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