E3 2011: EA press conference impressions

Posted: June 6, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

Some people describe me as a hardcore gamer. I’m not talking about football I’m talking about video games. Since you are reading this then you are aware that it’s superbowl time for us gamers. That would be E3. To those of you who have accidentally landed on this page and find yourself strangely intrigued by my oddly hypnotic writing style, prepare yourself. Things are about to get bumpy.

EA had a small preview during the Microsoft presentation. During this they unveiled that they had been working hard to integrate Microsoft’s Kinect wth four EA sports games. Tiger woods, Madden and Fifa. Also kinect would be compatible with sims and Family game night.

The real highlight was Mass effect 3. This immersive story driven sci-fi rpg now has voice recognition that allows you to make your dialogue choices simply by speaking. BUT WAIT thats not all. You can even command your squad giving them complex maneuvers during combat. This allows a level of immersion never before seen in an rpg and sets the bar at a new high (good luck Square-Enix).

But now onto EA’s Main presentation which was informative if not completely enjoyable.

Bioware started off strong with Mass effect 3. I was completely blown away by the introduction. This installation brings the series to an end and promises to be the best in the franchise. With every choice made prior having an impact the amount of endings will most likely rival Chrono trigger. The combat scale was overwhelming and the gameplay looked as superb as ever. Although I wasn’t playing, my heart was pounding as Shepard fought off the gigantic Reaper. Reserve your copy today, I know I am.

EA will be introducing a new service for online content called Origin. This will be the social hub for all their games. Check it out at origin.com for more info.

Need for speed: The run was a surprise. I’ve never been into the Need for speed franchise but I was impressed by this game. They introduced the element of racing on foot. This racing from car to car breaks up the monotonous cross country racing. Also chasing after you are the police, the mob who knows what else. This game appears to be more about surviving the journey than racing. Smells like fast and furious to me.

Bioware returned with Star wars: The old republic. This demo started with some really nice cut scenes that Lucas Arts is well known for however I soon became bored since I’ve never really been a fan of Star Trek…oops I mean Star WARS (my bad :P). Then the incredible lightsaber smorgasbord of  action began and I was mesmerized. This action based rpg had me wanting to use the force by the end. Very little was actually revealed about this game but it sure did look nice.

SSX Tricky was next. Using Nasa satellites they mapped all of Earth’s mountain ranges to make an immense open world where you can snowboard doing tricks on mountains anywhere in the world. If this sounds repetative well, thats’ because that’s all there is too it.

FIFA 12. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! Actually I’m not into Futbol but I like the screaming part. This game looked fantastic with a level of detail I was not expecting from a sports game. The brand new physics engine allows for a far greater range of tactics and precision as well as funtastic (yeah i said funstastic) collisions. The presenter went into far greater detail about the gameplay mechanics howerver since I do not understand Futbol at all I had no idea what he was talking about.

Madden 12 was the followup. Unbelievably enough I do understand football and was disapointed by this game. The graphics were subpar, the gameplay was stale and they stole the collision system from Fifa. Aside from an updated roster nothing is really new about this franchise.

Sim’s Social. Well it had to happen, the Sims and facebook have now married. So all those people who live on facebook can have a new depth to their “virtual reality” Not much else to say about this. If you know the Sims and you obviously know facebook well you can imagine the result.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was next. Being an adult married man I’ve outgrown the D&D theme so when Reckoning was  shown I physically groaned. But again once the ball started rolling I was pleasantly surprised. An open world rpg with a deep combat system. My only complaint is that it appeared to be a Fable clone.

Overstrike 9. This was a really fun presentation. It was interesting and humorous. This game kind of reminded me of G.I. Joe; a bunch of well trained misfits saving the world from devious and dastardly dudes. We didn’t get to see actual gameplay so it’s unknown whether this is 3rd or 1st person but I’ll keep my eye on this one.

Finally Battlefield 3. This fps needs no introduction. Fans have been loooking forward to this next instiallation for years. With a brand new engine titled the frostbite 2 this is easily one of the best looking and playing war simulation games I’ve seen. Unlike Call of duty or pretty much 90% of fps games out there, Battlefield favors tactics and strategy over action so prepare to use your brain more than your uhhhh……buttons.

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