The new Justice league roster unveiled. Superman finally gets a redesigned costume!

Posted: June 27, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

Much like the event “Crisis on infinite Earths” back in 1986, DC comics is going to have a big universe changing event called “Flashpoint” which by its end will completely restart the DC universe’s continuity. 52 #1 issues are coming out this September and all of them will retell their specific characters’ origins all over again. One of these comics will be the Justice League and this awesome drawing by the great and powerful Jim Lee shows us who will be in the League. That’s cool and all but it seems like Lee has finally done something that I’ve been asking years for…a new costume for Superman!

As iconic as Superman’s costume is it’s always troubled me. He looks like what he was originally supposed to look like…a wrestler from the 1930s. That was fine in its day but Superman should have a modern costume or more specifically, one with underwear INSIDE his pants. Jim Lee’s design goes a few steps further though. Superman now appears to be wearing some sort of light armor and the extra lines on it really help the costume look more interesting. The signature cape and the big “S” are still part of the costume so it’s not a complete departure. Batman also seems to have a slightly redone costume that appears to be inspired by “The Dark Knight” movie and Wonder Woman still has her new costume that Lee designed for her last year minus that silly flight jacket. Overall I’m very happy with the redesigned costumes especially that of Superman’s.

So there it is, we get a whole new DCU this November. I haven’t read a super hero comic book in years but this may get me to go check out some of these new #1 issues…which is probably why DC is doing this in the first place.


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