Alternetta: A different take on Bayonetta

Posted: June 29, 2011 by Tony Polanco in Artology

File this under “What could have been”.

During the concept phase of the 2010 over the top action game Bayonetta, Sega was apparently having different artists do designs for the game. The drawings showcased here are from concept artist Wesley Burt and they have a very non Japanese-y take on Bayonetta. Bayonetta herself is not supposed to be a Japanese woman but her costume design and mannerisms scream “Japanese”. These drawings depict a Bayonetta with more western sensibilities. Hit the jump to check out more of what Bayonetta (and rival Jean) could have looked like if designed by a western artist.


  1. SaVage Entity says:

    nice art

  2. saiyajinzoningen says:

    downloadable skins please..
    “crosses fingers”

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