The mob rules: A look at Mike Portnoy’s new band Adrenaline mob

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Tony Polanco in THE METAL

For every end there is a new beginning.

In a move that surprised the world of Heavy Metal, Mike Portnoy, one of the greatest drummers of all time left the band that he helped to create, Dream Theater. Portnoy has always played with a lot of other bands so his joining a new band was inevitable. What is a surprise is not only who he has partnered with but the musical direction that this new group would take.

The name of Portnoy’s new band is Adrenaline mob and Mike is joined by some heavy hitters. The most notable member of this group (besides Mike Portnoy of course) is their vocalist who is none other than Russell Allen from Symphony X. Anything that Russell is on is instantly gold in my eyes so I was already on board with this group. Portnoy and Allen alone are enough to get any metal head excited but the real magic of this band may come from lead guitarist Mike Orlando. Orlando is one of those musicians who have been grinding away on the underground scene for years but very few people outside of that world have even heard of. Orlando is an incredible lead guitarist and his membership in Adrenaline mob should help him get the acclaim that a guitarist of his caliber deserves.

Rounding out the group are bassist Paul DiLeo, who has been in everything from Billy Joel to Joe Lynn Turner and rhythm guitarist Rich Ward who has played for Stuck Mojo and is also the guitarist in the Chris Jericho fronted Fozzy. This my friends is the very definition of a Super group.

From the sample of music that the group has provided, it seems like the band will be a very heavy in your face kind of band and not a progressive group like Symphony X or Dream Theater. It’s a surprise but a pleasant one. I’m guessing that after being in progressive bands for so many years that Portnoy and Allen wanted to do more direct Metal. I like progressive Metal and all but I am more a fan of no nonsense kick you in the teeth Metal so Adrenaline mob’s musical style is definitely up my alley.

Adrenaline mob’s debut album will be out sometime later this year. Unfortunately they cannot release any full songs as they have not been completed yet but they were kind enough to create this medley of songs from their forth coming album. On top of that, they also have a live recording of them covering the classic Black Sabbath song “The Mob rules” over on their official youtube channel. Check out the songs below.



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