Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review

Posted: August 18, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

Being a veteran to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games (yes I own all three titles in the series) I knew what to expect from this one. Since I don’t play any other Dynasty Warriors games (Ken’s rage excluded) the only games I can really compare these Gundam games to is each other. If you have ever played a Dynasty Warriors game then you know the drill. Basically one button mash your way through hordes, and I really do mean hordes, literally thousands of foes to face a boss. Not much has changed with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 but there are a few unique twists to be found.

The first DW:G gave Dynasty Warriors ranged attacks. The ranged attacks while not very effective did add some complexity to the otherwise humdrum of slash slash slash. The first game also included the entire history behind each Gundam allowing you to play through each important battle. Customization was minimal allowing you to add some parts to enhance various aspects of your Gundam. Stages were very varied from cities to mountains to space. The music was also quite nice I must add. Controls were very simple. Attack, ranged attack, dash, super attack, jump, block. Combinations of attack and ranged attack created unique combos for each Gundam that could be strung together for mob smashing fun.

The second DW:G looked very similar to the first adding a little more customization to the Gundams, a few new Gundams and also large boss Gundams. These large bosses broke up the monotonous mob slaying and added a small degree of strategy. Also the formula of taking fields was slightly changed. Not enough to cause difficulty but it did make things faster.

Finally on to the third installation of DW:G. The entire look of the game has been changed adding a more anime-like appearance. However the variety of stages has been reduced. A greater degree of customization has been added as you can now customize pilots as well as Gundams.

They removed the full historic story that provided info on the Gundams and replaced it with…I’ll try to explain. Um…Knight Gundam basically sends a signal that permeates all of time and space which lures all the Gundam pilots to an alternate dimension where he pits them in battles against one another until they realize that he is the true enemy then they team up to defeat it.

The only real new gameplay element added is the luck bar system. In DW:G2 if you attacked a boss’ limb enough it would eventually be rendered useless. In DW:G3 this mechanic has been altered so that now you have to get a certain amount of hits on the limb in a certain amount of time to disable it.  It doesn’t really affect gameplay and is pretty annoying if you decide to pay attention to it. Just mash the attack button on the boss and it will eventually fall.

The trophies in this game aren’t difficult to get but they are time consuming (it took my 10 year old son 100 hours to get the platinum trophy) Like all DW:G games, DW:G3 has local multiplayer but if you’re not into split screen DW:G3 also offers online co-op.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is by no means a bad game. If you’re under 16 then this game will be awesome to you. Tons of violence and amazing explosions. Hell, some of the Gundams even transform like Transformers! If you’re into Dynasty Warriors games it’s highly recommended. If you’re into Gundams, DW:G2 is a better game all around.


  • The new art style
  • The Gundam roster update
  • Online coop


  • The monotonous music
  • Cheesy plot
  • The luck bar system
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 was developed by Koei/Omega force and published by Namco Bandai. It was released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and is available now for $59.99. The copy played for this review was a new retail copy.

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