Bleach: Soul resurreccion Review

Posted: August 29, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS


I love Anime. I love Anime so much that I’ve owned every single Dragonball game since the original Playstation and Sega Saturn games. I’ve owned Naruto games, Gundam games and even Fist of the North star. That being said when I heard about a Bleach game being released for the Playstation 3 I nearly jumped for joy. I am a huge fan of Bleach, so I had some expectations for this action adventure. Typically video game adaptations of Anime aren’t done very well and unfortunately, Bleach: Soul resurreccion is no exception.

The game looks like a Bleach game should. The art style and animations are well done. Each character has their signature attacks with unique animations. Many characters are represented in this particular game. Enemy variety however is extremely limited aside from bosses themselves (who later on become playable characters). The backgrounds are extremely bland and washed out. A great portion of the game takes place in Hueco Mundo but that doesnt forgive the lack of detail.

The original Bleach has amazing music. I actually own a soundtrack which is installed on my PS3. Sadly the music for this game is some pathetic rock tripe. To make matters worse you cannot play your own music while the game is running. You can however change the character voices to the original Japanese ones if you prefer inflection over lackluster voice overs.

The controls are relatively simple. Attack, fireball, block, jump, super attack, dash, ultimate attack, lock on, are all mapped to their respective buttons. The controls are very similar to a Dynasty warriors game however they are at times sluggish and unresponsive unlike a Dynasty warriors game. Ranged attacks do home in so aiming is relatively unnecessary. Please note that Flash dodge is possible but you must be blocking to do so and it’s much easier to simply move out of the way of attacks and any move you cannot escape from in this method most likely cannot be blocked anyway.

Plot. How can a Bleach game go wrong with this? Well unlike a Dragonball/Gundam/Naruto/Fist of the north star game instead of starting at the beginning and progressing the story up to its current point in the Anime, this game starts at the very beginning of the Arrancar arc and ends with that arc. Making this the shortest action adventure game I have ever played (about 90 mins) so if you are unfamiliar with Bleach you are dropped into an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar characters who are behaving in strange ways for unknown reasons. This is a horrible way to begin Bleach’s first foray into the next gen. I have a hard time understanding who this game is supposed to cater to. Veterans like myself will feel gypped and newbs will be too confused to understand what is going on. Not only that but key parts of the Arrancar arc are missing as well as each character’s motivation. Parts of the dialogue are taken directly from the Anime however as it is only snippets most of the time it is nonsensical.

Gameplay wise the game is extremely simplistic. Attack ground enemies and shoot flying enemies. There is no room for exploration. It is impossible to get lost as the map directs you 100% of the time. Each character has one combo (yup..just one) so as cool as it might be to see Hitsugaya use that ice dragon let me know how cool it is 10 minutes later when you are seeing it for the 75th time. There are no save points so if you fight all the way through 3 stages filled with enemies and die at the boss prepare to fight your way through all over again. Bosses are best handled in the same way as flying enemies. Stay back and use ranged attacks as most bosses have extremely cheap one hit kill AOE attacks. If you consider climbing a staircase or jumping onto a building then there are some platforming elements BUT it’s impossible to die from a fall since all characters can fly.

I honestly dont know what I was expecting with Bleach: Soul resurreccion. If the story line was comprehensive then I could actually overlooked all of these issues and just enjoy an animated interactive experience as pathetic as that sounds. In most Anime games I’m just happy to play along to great storylines I could only watch before. Sadly in this case even that small joy was taken from me. I’d be hard pressed to recommend someone even rent this game. I’m a relatively simple guy with simple needs and this game is simply awful.


  • Art style and animations
  • Ability to turn on Japanese voice overs


  • Simplistic controls
  • No room for exploration
  • Under two hour playtime
  • Game dumps you into the middle of a story arc
Bleach: Soul resurreccion was developed by SCEI and published by NIS America. It was released exclusively for the Playstation 3 and is available now for $59.99. The copy played for this review was a new retail copy.

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