Felicia Day becomes an Elven rogue in Dragon Age II: Mark of the assassin

Posted: September 16, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

Are you ready for some cross promotion? Nerd queen Felicia Day is working on a soon to be released live action Dragon Age short film and now her character is set to appear in the upcoming dlc for Dragon Age II. It’s an obvious promo for the film but that’s fine since it means more Dragon Age to play.

I’m still a bit unsure of how well Felicia will fit in with the world of Dragon Age and her voice over in this trailer doesn’t do much to ease my concerns. Don’t get me wrong, Miss Day is a great actress (she’s awesome on Eureka) but it will be hard for me to see her as anything but the socially awkward yet adorable nerdy girl type. This is a problem I have and nothing that she needs to fix. I still find it weird when Tom Hanks isn’t cross dressing after all.

Anyway I have faith that Dragon Age II: Mark of the assassin will turn out to be pretty cool and I look forward to playing it. Oh and Bioware, you can ensure an EXCELLENT rating from our review of Mark of the assassin by giving players the option to sex up Felicia Day’s elven character. I’m just putting it out there.

Okay enough jibber jabber, check out the trailer and some screen grabs below.


Dragon Age II: Mark of the assassin will be released on the Playstation network and Xbox live on October 11th.


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