Doctor Who Season 6, Episode 11: The god complex Review

Posted: September 21, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

What happens when you get aliens a horror hotel and the legendary minotaur together?
Not what
Doctor Who.

This week the Doctor takes us to a world with a hotel that has rooms that shows visitors their worst fears. In this alien constructed maze lies a Minotaur waiting to feast on their faith. They need to overcome their fears if they wish to survive. What does the Doctor see behind the door he opens? The Vortex? The Master? I think he sees himself. This episode shows us yet again just how difficult it is to be the Doctor. Having to save the day and be willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Whether it’s killing aliens, escaping space prisons or letting go of your friends, the Doctor can do it all.

This episode seems more about character development rather than suspense. It has its moments, but seems to focus more on the inner turmoil that comes from always choosing the lesser of two evils. It does a really nice job of marrying mythology with technology. The special effects are standard fare here. Not jaw dropping but good enough to be believable. The score is well done as always. I’m glad the Daleks didn’t show up.

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