Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 12 Closing time Review

Posted: September 27, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

The Doctor returns…err, arrives for his greatest challenge ever! Babysitting!


This week the Doctor visits his old friend Craig in what is to be his final hurrah. As usual nothing ever goes as planned when the Doc gets involved (which is yet ANOTHER problem he constantly has to deal with). Craig is trying to cope with parenthood and the Doctor is rationalizing his imminent suicide. Thank god the Cybermen are there to distract them both.

This week we see the Doctor (some time in the future) a bit more mad and a tad more irresponsible but no less lovable as the solidarity of his friends sees him through yet another sticky situation. This episode presents us with two oddities (no not the Cyberat) Whenever this is, everyone already seems to know the Doctor. No introductions necessary. This is uncharacteristic of most episodes. Also the Doc seems to possess some type of psychic ability which he uses quite often to hilarious effect. Shhhh I’m not done yet.

This episode is fun but is evidently the calm before the storm. The Doc may die tomorrow but what happens after that? The doc has defeated demons, aliens, robots, bioforms, black holes and even bested the end of the universe itself. Why not death? I cant wait to see how this plays out.

See ya ’round Stormageddon.



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