Doctor Who “The wedding of River Song” Review

Posted: October 3, 2011 by saiyajinzoningen in REVIEWS

The Doctor’s timely temporal triumph over time isn’t tardy.

The season finale of Doctor Who takes place in three time streams. The first is the result of River attempting to change a fixed point. The second is the Doctor’s investigation of why The Silence wants his head and the third is the primary timestream where the Doctor is killed. As the episode progresses these time streams merge to become a coherent story.

River learns a great deal in this story. She learns the truth of her origins, the Doctor’s true name and the most important lesson…that time cannot be defeated, only manipulated. No being is equal to the Doctor when it comes to manipulation. Never have I seen someone do so much by doing so little. By accepting his doom he saves his friends, his love, his life and the universe. And somehow this is all managed with upbeat humor and stylistic fun.

I found this episode to be zany but not over the top. I really like how Amy herself is a fixed point of some sort. No matter what timestream she is thrown into her memories aren’t overwritten. She is still Amy. I think having someone around as unaffected by temporal changes as himself really grounds the Doctor. Rory’s underwhelming performance is hilarious in of itself as he is calm regardless of how insane the situation is. River reveals how deep her love for the Docotr is. Finally the Doctor learns the great question that must never be answered. The question that you know, I know, we all know. The question we stopped asking so long ago. The first question of them all.

Where do I get one of those eye patches?


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