Terra Nova “Instinct” Review

Posted: October 4, 2011 by Tony Polanco in REVIEWS

It’s the great Pterodactyl invasion of 85 million B.C on this week’s episode of Terra Nova.

The underlying theme of the episode was sex of both the human and Dino kind. An unknown species of Pterosaur is the main Dino of the week and when it’s not killing folks it’s ruining their much needed lovin’ time. The Pterosaur’s mating grounds just so happen to be where Terra Nova is located so the inhabitants have to come up with a way of fixing this infestation problem before more lives are lost.

Although I expected this episode to be more subdued than the high adrenaline premiere episodes I wish it had not been so. Yeah a Pterodactyl air stampede is cool and all but it would have been nice to see some of the plot lines from the last episodes further expanded. I understand the need for “filler” episodes but to have one so early on in the season is kind of disappointing.

Overall, “Instinct” was solid but a bit underwhelming. Nothing happened that moved the over arching plot of the series forward but there were some good character moments sprinkled throughout. Even though they weren’t as threatening as a big ol’ Allosaur, the Pterodactyls were still cool to see on screen.

The moral of this week’s episode is; Even if you’re a dinosaur it’s not okay to C-block a man from making sexy time with his wife.


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