More Mass effect 3 multiplayer info

Posted: October 11, 2011 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF

After the shocking announcement that Mass effect 3 would indeed have a multiplayer component, I figured that it would be a while before more information was revealed since the announcement was made in response to a leak.

Boy was I wrong.

In a bid to do damage control and to soothe the fears of many displeased fans, Bioware has divulged further details about the multiplayer add on to Mass effect 3.

Mass effect 3 takes place during a galaxy wide war against the Reapers. In the multiplayer you and three friends can team up and do your part in stopping the Reaper invasion. Chris Priestly who posted this info had this to say about the four player co-op;

“”players can choose from a variety of classes and races, form an elite Special Forces squad, and combine their weapons, powers and abilities to devastating effect as they fight together to liberate key territories from enemy control.”

The most interesting part is that your actions during these co-op missions will directly affect the outcome of the single player story. This would naturally raise an alarm for those who wanted to only play the single player and not touch the multiplayer but Priestly assures us that if we want to play only Shepard’s story then we can without it having any adverse effects on the final outcome of the ending. You will still be able to achieve the ultimate ending even if you don’t play co-op.

While this does sound intriguing I think it would have been better if this multiplayer mode would have been its own separate game and not be tacked onto Mass effect 3 proper.

Bioware will release additional information during the week so check back with us soon to find out more details.



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