DC comics…you’re ruining it!

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

Today, DC comics officially unveiled their prequel project to the legendary graphic novel “Watchmen” and I’m none too happy.  This is yet another dubious move by the comics publisher to grab as much money as they can from their fans.

Late last year, DC comics decided to re-launch all of their titles with what they called “The new 52”.  The prospect of them starting over from scratch seemed like a good idea and a great way for fans (like myself) to jump in at the beginning of a new continuity that would be free from the baggage of the past.  Sadly this wasn’t what happened as DC pretty much bungled things here.

Instead of all titles restarting their storylines, only a handful did so, most notably the Superman line of books.  The Super books gave us new takes on the characters and brand new origins.  This is what I expected of every book in The new 52.  However many titles, like the Batman and Green Lantern books kept things going as if nothing had happened which leads to all sorts of confusion.  For example, in this new DC universe, super heroes have only been around for five years yet Batman has a son (Damien) who is ten years old and he fathered this child with Talia al Ghul, the daughter of a villian who he would have had to go up against five years before he began his career as Batman. There are many other examples but this is the most glaring one and is one that could have easily been avoided by either eliminating Damien from the timeline or extending Batman’s career back ten years.

DC comics tried to have their cake and eat it too with The new 52.  They keep the old continuity of some titles but got to paste a #1 on all of their books so they would sell more.  Sadly (and as usual) nerds ate these books up even though they disliked them.  DC knew how to manipulate its fan base into buying these books (gotta love those shiny new #1s!) and they made out like gangbusters.

And now we have what may be the biggest insult.

Like many other comic book fans out there, I love the Watchmen graphic novel.  It’s one of the greatest titles to ever be released and it (along with The Dark Knight returns) helped to really cement the fact that comics books aren’t and shouldn’t be exclusively for children.  With that said, I think that creating prequel books is totally unnecessary.  The original book is a singular piece and doesn’t need to be expanded upon.  This is clearly another cash grab move by DC comics.

I’m not going to say anything bad about the artists involved with this project since they are all very talented but this was not a very classy move by DC.  Even Alan Moore, the guy who wrote the original is against this.  Granted, Moore doesn’t like ANY of his works to be adapted or given sequels but can you blame him?  DC is potentially going to ruin one of the few masterpieces that the comic book world has with these prequel books.

Shame on you DC comics.  You might be swimming in money now with these stunts you’ve pulled but sooner or later its gonna come back to bite you.  There’s only so much that fans can take before they fight back and stop buying your books.


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