Mass effect 3 demo impressions

Posted: February 20, 2012 by Tony Polanco in REVIEWS

The year’s most highly anticipated game (i.e MY most anticipated game) Mass effect 3 will grace us with its presence in a few short weeks.  Until then we can satiate ourselves with the recently released demo.  The good news?  The demo is really fun and gives you a nice taste of what’s to come.  The bad?  That taste is not enough…but that’s a good thing too I guess.

The demo has two parts.  A single player portion and a multiplayer portion.  The SP part has two stages and both give you a decent idea of what to expect.  The galaxy is at war and you’ll have to make as many allies as possible if you want to win.  You can choose any of the six character classes available and you can even customize your character’s apperance if you want.  The controls aren’t much different than those of Mass effect 2 except for a new useful roll that you can use to dodge out of the way of attacks.  Even though the controls are similar they’ve gotten a lot smoother and easier to use.  Combat is still mostly cover based but with the refined controls and new evasive maneuvers and melee options, it’s definitely more visceral than ever.

Multiplayer is the most controversial aspect of Mass effect 3 and thanks to this demo, people can finally see if it’s worth it or not.  Personally, I think that Mass effect 3 would have been just fine without multiplayer as it’s really not that special.  However, I will admit that the multiplayer isn’t horrible either and I did have some fun playing with friends.  You gain experience points from killing foes and completing objectives and you can then use the points to level up your character’s various abilities.  Like with single player, you can chose whatever class of soldier you want to play as but only as a human soldier in the demo.  Again, this game didn’t NEED multiplayer but the multiplayer isn’t crap either.

The demo, or at least the single player part of it, did have some noticeable frame rate issues but considering that this is the same demo from last year’s E3, I have to assume that this problem has been resolved by now.  Oddly enough, the multiplayer ran a lot smoother than the single player frame rate wise.  That aside, this demo is very solid.  You get a good piece of single player and you can play the multiplayer all you like.  This game cannot get here any sooner.

Look out for our review of Mass effect 3 shortly after it’s released on March 6th.


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