Time to play some psp games on vita!!!

Posted: February 26, 2012 by adam5boro in COOL STUFF

By Adam Vale 2/26/2012

The vita has arrived!!!

If you own one then you most likely picked up a few launch titles to bring this new portable to life. But can the vita bring new life to older PSP tiles?

The answer is Absolutely!. I downloaded God of War “Ghost of Sparta” from the PSN store.Besides the added screen space the games color pops & shines. When holding down on the front screen will bring up a menu of options.(seen below).

I played around with bilinear filtering & color space but besides a slight smoothing of edges I didn’t really notice a difference. According to Sony these effects can help with some games. Today on the playstation blog (http://blog.us.playstation.com/) they post a list of there favorite features & tips in which these options are mentions but they offered no before & after screenshot which would have been nice.

nonethelessthe options are available along with mapping face buttons or D pad to the new 2nd analog stick. I found this unnecessary for God of war but i’m sure it helps out in titless like monster hunter or any other game that uses face buttons for the camera.

I was planning on filming a short video showing how this game looks on the vita but came across Marcthegeek’s youtube video of exactly that.(seen below)

But this raises the question of which PSP title work best or just looks better running on the vita.

I personally am empressed with GOW running on vita and I’m sure thre’re many others that do as well which is were you guys come in.

If you have any info to share on which PSP game you feel is worth playing on vita please post them in the comments.

Recently 1up.com post an article which points out some great PSP titles you should play on vita (link below) So if you have played some listed or others please share your experiences.


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