Press X to Crash: Why don’t older games work?

Posted: March 30, 2012 by E-mann in PIECE OF MIND

The digital age is upon us and it is not unheard of to have regular software and firmware updates but what are the consequences on older games? And what does it mean to new player of old games?For the most part these updates are supposed to fix problems.  They can also render some games unplayable.  There is a good chance that your favorite game or the new copy of an old titles may not work for the console you bought it for.

I have first hand experiences with this.  My girlfriend recently started playing Heavy Rain for PS3 and she has been having issues with the game crashing or freezing.  In my original playthrough of the game, I never experienced any issues.  Now the  game can’t be on for more than thirty minutes without it coming to a halt.  I tried everything from deleting the new patches to re-installing the game.  Nothing.  The game continues to crash. Needless to say, this ordeal has soured her from playing the game at all, which is a terrible thing.  It’s probably wishful thinking that Quantic dream might fix the problem but here’s hoping.

Nowadays, issues like this are becoming more and more common place.  Why? Can’t we just enjoy a game or replay it without fear that it may not work?


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