God of war: Ascension…WTF?

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF


Sony has just confirmed that God of war: Ascension is indeed real.  More information will be revealed on April 30th.


For the last week there’s been rumblings about the next God of war game all over the internets.  We didn’t post any of this since we don’t comment on rumors but considering what has been revealed today, we had to make a post on this.

Amazon has leaked (accidentally?) a trailer for a new Playstation 3 God of war game called God of war: Ascension. The voice over narration of Gaia (not sure if it’s Linda Hunt or Susan Blakeslee) pretty much solidifies this as being legit.  There are absolutely no details to be found about the game but we can deduce what the game’s story contains from the trailer.  It appears to be an origin story of sorts and will tell the tale of the time when Kratos served the original god of war, Ares.  That’s pretty much all we can guess at this point since Sony or Santa Monica studio hasn’t confirmed this title (yet).

Stay tuned for more on God of war: Ascension as news develops.  See the trailer after the jump.


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