The Avengers Review

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Tony Polanco in REVIEWS

For the past 4 years, Marvel studios has been preparing us for a big screen Avengers movie with Iron Man (2008), The incredible Hulk (2008) , Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011) and Captain America (2011) .  Despite the fact that all of these movies were great, it was still up in the air whether The Avengers could live up to or surpass them since ensemble super hero movies are very hard to nail down.  Thankfully with nerd god Josh Whedon at the helm a movie that could have been an utter disaster is instead quite possibly (i.e IS) the greatest super hero movie of all time.  The Avengers is so good it’s ridiculous.

The trick to nailing this film always rested on how the characters would interact with each other and how much screen time they each got.  What’s cool is that every character gets their moment(s) in the sun.  You a Hulk fan? You’ll be happy.  Hawkeye fan?  This movie has you covered.  Every actor brings their roles to life beautifully and plays it straight despite the bigger than life nature of the movie.

The ensemble cast works because of the man in charge.  This is Josh Whedon’s specialty and seeing his style of dialogue on an Avengers story will send every nerd in attendance into bouts of giddy fits.  The movie is serious but it’s also hilarious.  Tony Stark isn’t the only one with great one liners.  Everyone gets to throw in some witty remarks on a regular basis.

Now while we all love some good banter, no super hero movie would be complete without some crazy action sequences and The Avengers has them in spades.  Not only do we get large scale, city destroying action sequences but we also get quite a good amount of one on one battles that are just as intense.  Some of the battles are geek dreams come true so you may not want to be holding on to any drinks or food as you may splash them all over the place because of the sheer awesomeness on screen.  THIS is how a summer action movie should be.  Vast amount of destruction but with a purpose.

The Avengers is easily the best super hero group movie ever made.  Sorry X2 but you lost your crown.  Comic book fans need to realize and appreciate just how lucky we are to live in an age where such a badass comic book movie exists.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The build up to this movie has been more than worth it. Marvel should be extremely proud of themselves for their part in creating this magnificent film.  This is one you’ll want to see many, many times.


  • Great cast who can act their asses off
  • Fantastic writing
  • Action sequences that put other movies to shame


  • That I’m writing this review instead of watching it again

Avengers was produced by Marvel studios, distributed by Disney entertainment and directed by Josh Whedon. It’s currently playing in theaters nationwide.


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