E3 2012: Look there, on the horizon. A glimpse at the future of video game consoles.

Posted: June 13, 2012 by Tony Polanco in PIECE OF MIND

The specter of the next generation of video game consoles definitely hung over the 2012 Electronic entertainment expo. It’s logical seeing as how we’ll be getting new consoles as early as Fall of next year. Nintendo rolled out its new console with the Wii U but since the system isn’t any more powerful than current gen machines, it doesn’t qualify as true next gen. Microsoft and Sony didn’t show any new systems or give us any glimpses as to what next gen games would be like but game developers were a different story. They had no qualms whatsoever with showing the world what they want next gen games to look like and in some cases, showing us what next gen games WILL look like.

The game that arguably got the most buzz this year was Ubisoft’s Watch dogs. An amazing looking game that many industry veterans like Adam Sessler and Peter Molyneux actually believed to be a proper next generation title. While it turned out to just be running on a high end PC, it made many people wonder what we have waiting for us in the next year or two.

Although it hasn’t gotten as much attention as Watch dogs, Star wars 1313 was arguably the most impressive looking game on display at E3 this year. Watch dogs’ animations where slightly beyond what current consoles can achieve but everything about Star wars 1313 was superior. The lighting, animation, special effects ect, all far surpass anything that can currently be achieved on your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. Like Watch dogs, 1313 was also running on a high end PC.

Square-Enix and Epic games both had extremely impressive tech demos of their upcoming next gen engines. It was great stuff but those trailers and demos where just ideas of where these companies want things to go graphically. The graphics of these tech demos are things we’ll probably see a few years into the life of the next gen consoles but Watch dogs and Star wars 1313 quality graphics are what the first wave of next gen games will probably look like.

Many had doubts about the necessity for next gen systems since current gen games still look so incredible. Thanks to this year’s E3, people have no doubt changed their minds. If games are released that look anywhere near as good as Watch dogs or Star wars 1313 then the next generation of consoles are more than justified. Being a gamer will get a hell of a lot more fun and interesting real soon.

Click on the trailers below to see the games and demos I talked about.

Watch dogs

Star wars: 1313

Agnis’s philosophy (Final Fantasy tech demo)

Unreal engine 4


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