Nintendo 3DS LL – Bigger screens, no second analog stick?

Posted: June 22, 2012 by LunarDiaries in PIECE OF MIND
Nintendo 3DS LL System

Nintendo 3DS LL System

Nintendo Co. Ltd in Japan today announced the revised Nintendo 3DS LL system that will launch in Japan on July 28th.  The system looks pretty slick with beveled edges and much larger screens. The top stereoscopic screen increases in size from 3.53 inches to 4.88 inches. The bottom touch screen will go from 3 inches to 4.18 inches.

Here is a comparison shot of the current Nintendo 3DS system and the new 3DS LL side-by-side:

Side-By-Side Coparison of Nintendo 3DS systems

Nintendo 3DS vs. Nintendo 3DS LL (provided by

The new 3DS LL system is slated to also have improved battery life. While two larger screens, improved batery life, and a sleek new beveled design are all welcome enhancements to a pretty great handheld, noticeably missing though is the second analog stick. Why would Nintendo go through the trouble of redesigning the 3DS with all these improvements but neglect this obvious omission from the original 3DS? I mean are they going to release a bigger Circle Pad Pro now to accomodate this new system?

I’ll save judgement on this new 3DS till it arrives stateside (probably named Nintendo 3DS XL by that point), but I think not placing the second analog in the new system is just Nintendo JP being stubborn. The inclusion of the stick on the system would be an admission that they made too many mistakes with the first 3DS, that it was probably rushed and besides the poor battery life, the omission of a second analog stick was a mistake and an obvious lesson learned by Sony with the PSP (now on the Vita). Instead of limiting developers to just develop against a single analog stick, with the option of an accessory that many 3DS owners do not have, they could have given everyone a choice to use one or two sticks. Also, I actually own a Circle Pad Pro and I know I don’t like playing Resident Evil: Revelations ay other way. And sorry, I’m not running out to by Circle Pad Pro XL if that happens.

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