Metal Gear Solid 4 finally gets a trophy patch

Posted: August 3, 2012 by Tony Polanco in COOL STUFF
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When Metal Gear Solid 4 came out, the Playstation 3 had yet to implement its trophy system. Even though trophies were enabled on the system less than half a year AFTER MGS4 came out, it hasn’t gotten a patch for them until now. It must be because of the MGS 25th anniversary.

A quick glance tells us that the trophies are not too bad and it should be easy to get the coveted Platinum trophy with minimal effort. My personal concern was that the trophies would mirror the game’s emblems (more or less its version of trophies) and since I have gotten all of the emblems originally, I did not want to repeat them, especially the infamous Big Boss emblem which asks players to beat the game in under 5 hours, with the player not dying, or killing anyone in-game. Since that requirement is not a trophy, the Platinum should be cake.

No word yet on when we North Americans will get the trophy patch but the Japanese will be getting theirs next week. Also of note is that this patch will also make it so that we don’t have to install the game for every chapter. Install the game once and you’re good to go. Personally I would have preferred a brand new entry in the MGS series or even Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to be the big thing that celebrates the anniversary but this is good too so no complaints from me.



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