Nintendo Power Remembered

Posted: August 24, 2012 by E-mann in Artology, PIECE OF MIND
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After 24 years of power, Nintendo has finally decided to lay Nintendo Power magazine to rest.

Nintendo Power was first published in 1988 and was created internally by Nintendo of America. It severed as the official magazine for Nintendo and provided monthly news, game strategies, codes and had a huge gaming community. It is one of the longest-running video game magazines in the United States and Canada.

In 2007, much of the internal Nintendo Power staff was transitioned into the department of Nintendo and relocated. In September of that year, Nintendo made the announcement that issue #221 would be the last issue of Nintendo Power to be published internally and that the magazine would be contracted to Future US (who is also responsible the official PlayStation and Xbox magazines.)

This news is no doubt a little sad when you think about how much history the magazine has. Personally I have a lot of fond memories of Nintendo Power. I remember the first issue I got of the magazine which was the Tetris issue (Issue #9). I carried that issue around for a month reading about the new games and looking at all the cool art. I remember how jealous my friends were that I had the magazine. Later, I got a subscription because my mother liked the fact that I was reading so much.

One thing that really stood out to me was all the original content created specifically for the magazine. Nintendo Power had it all, great original artwork, comic strips, decal stickers, paper craft toys and posters.

Artwork by Katsuya Terada

A little known fact about a lot of the original art in Nintendo Power was that it was created by Katsuya Terada. His work was one of the chief reasons I continued to collect the magazine.

Later on, around the 90s, Nintendo Power started to move away from original art and started using more licensed art. For me, the magazine lost a little bit of its heart because it felt less special. Not to mention it looked almost like every other magazine on the market, which was disappointing. Despite this, I always appreciated that Nintendo continued to keep the publication going.

Personally I hope this isn’t the total end of Nintendo Power. I definitely think it can play a part in Nintendo’s future. Maybe it can become an online magazine similar to EGM. It can be an official home for the Iwata Asks interviews which are currently difficult to find on Nintendo can also turn the magazine downloadable similar to how Qore was on PSN and offer exclusives to people who subscribe.

Nintendo Power’s last issue will be the December 2012 issue.

R.I .P Nintendo Power

Original artwork of Nester by E-mann AKA Emilio Lopez 


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