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Wii U - Black

Wii U – Black

So Nintendo took the proverbial stage and gave all of us a better taste of what’s to come Novermber 18th with the Wii U console and launch titles. I saw some neat stuff with Nintendo Land and the mini-Metroid world and got a little excited for New Super Mario Bros U.. But overall, it’s the same stuff we’ve seen from E3. There was really nothing for me as a gamer to get excited over. (more…)

Nintendo 3DS LL System

Nintendo 3DS LL System

Nintendo Co. Ltd in Japan today announced the revised Nintendo 3DS LL system that will launch in Japan on July 28th.  The system looks pretty slick with beveled edges and much larger screens. The top stereoscopic screen increases in size from 3.53 inches to 4.88 inches. The bottom touch screen will go from 3 inches to 4.18 inches.


Review: Dead Space 2

Posted: March 21, 2011 by LunarDiaries in REVIEWS

Every gamer worth their weight in salt will speak miles to the fact that the Resident Evil series is the standard for survival horror video games. I would have agreed with that fact 5 years ago, even with the advent of games in the genre like the Silent Hill series, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower, etc.. There are plenty of survival horror games that tried to give us scares and mess with our heads to various degrees with eerie noises, low ammo, cameras instead of guns, fog, and odd camera angles.


Castlevania – In Name Only

Posted: October 24, 2010 by LunarDiaries in REVIEWS

The latest incarnation of Castlevania from Konami and developer MercurySteam feels more like a generic action-adventure title that was born from borrowing great pieces of titles that have done very well in the genre, but really not implementing them as well. It has heart and guts, but no soul . . .